• Industrial Relations Strategy
    • Workplace Relations Framework Design
    • Cultural Alignment
    • Acquisition strategies
    • Planning
    • Execution
    • Operational support
    • Project Management
    • Workplace Politics
    • Positioning the future
  • Your On-Call IR Specialists
    • Our team of specialists can provide the high level expertise when you require it.
    • We will guide your internal staff on how to handle difficult situations increasing their skills and reducing your costs.
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  • Disputes
    • Prevention
    • Advocacy
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Mediation
    • Consulting
    • Negotiations
    • Unfair Dismissals
    • Bullying/Discrimination and Harassment
  • Agreement Making
    • Collective Agreements
    • New Agreement Design
    • Agreement terminations
    • Agreement variations
    • Single Interest/Single Employer/ Multi Employer
    • Good Faith Bargaining
    • Greenfields Agreements
    • BOOT Test Modelling
    • BOOT Test Advice
    • Code Compliance
    • Comprehensive Balloting Processes (Electronically/ In Person/ Remotely)
    • Negotiation Committee Training
    • IFAs
    • Risk Management Strategies
    • Lodgement and Approval
  • Advice and Assistance
    • Employment Contracts
    • Compliance
    • Safe Terminations
    • Dealing with Unions or Employers
    • Immigration Law and Employer Sponsored Visas
    • Award/Agreement Interpretation
    • HR and IR Audits
    • Sub-Contractor IR Management
    • Sub-Contractor IR Auditing
    • Whistleblower Independent Hotline Service
    • Approved ACT IRE Auditor
    • Approved Secure Local Jobs Auditor for ACT Government
  • Advocacy/ Representation
    • Unfair Dismissals
    • General Protection Claims
    • Adverse Actions
    • Disputes
    • Agreement Terminations
    • We act Nationally for Employers
  • Workplace Investigations
    • Wide breadth of experience
    • Staff are certified Workplace Investigators
    • Qualifications are in accordance with the Australian Qualifications Framework
    • IRIQ Law holds a Master Security License under the NSW Security Industries Act
    • Experience in conducting small and large investigations involving junior staff, executives and at Board level
    • Our Investigation Reports are highly regarded as being thorough, clear and practical
  • Payroll and Wage Remediation and Auditing
    • IRPay is our Proprietary system that assists us to audit 6 years of your payroll data to ensure you are paying your staff correctly
    • Initial audits and ongoing checks available
    • Don’t find yourself accused of Wage Theft
    • We can audit all scenarios including Awards, Enterprise Agreements, NES
    • We have both the data analytical capability and the legal understanding of what you should be paying
    • Certified audit results
    • Call us for more information and a cost estimate
  • Immigration Law
    • Migration Law
    • Employer Sponsored Visas
    • Skilled Visas
    • Visa Law
    • Work Visas
    • Working Holiday Visa
    • Employment Visas
    • Temporary Visas
    • Spouse Visas
    • Permanent Residency
    • Advice
    • Advocacy
    • Applications
    • Assistance
  • Industrial Action Comms & Service
    • Service of 418 Orders
    • Communication to Employees
    • Electronic Service
    • Lightning Fast and Efficient
    • All messages tracked
    • Certified Comprehensive Report
  • Workplace Relations Support for Tenders
    • Our Industrial Relations Consultants can model your labour costs for project tenders
    • Design your workplace relations approach
    • Draft your Employee Relations Management Plans
    • Update or design your workforce policies, templates and tools
    • Draft answers to your tender questions
  • Training IR Practitioners and Operational Management
    • Industrial Relations 101
      • The History of IR in Australia
      • Interpreting Modern Awards
      • Interpreting Agreements
      • Performance Management
      • Terminations and Unfair Dismissals
      • Dispute Resolution and Negotiation
      • Mediation
      • Dealing with Bullying and Harassment Complaints
      • Contracts of Employment
      • OH&S, Workers Comp, Rehab and IR
      • Proactive IR Strategies
      • Dealing with Industrial Action
      • Advocacy Skills
      • Preparing Cases
      • Right of Entry
      • Advanced Advocacy – Hearings/Cross Examination
      • Strategic IR – Linking Business imperatives to IR Strategy
    • Performance Management and Terminations
    • Workplace Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination
    • Tailored Training for your audience, topic or location
  • Agreement Balloting

    IRIQ can conduct your Agreement Balloting process for you!
    We can conduct these on one site or across multiple sites.

    Learn more about our Agreement Balloting

  • Bookshop

    In the IRIQ Bookshop you can purchase up to date publications to assist you in managing your employment responsibilities.

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  • IR Contract and Permanent Staff
    • Job Opportunities for Practitioners
    • Career Management
    • Provision of Contract Staff
    • Permanent Recruitment of IR Specialists
Client Testimonials

IRIQ's flexibility in learning solutions is suitable for our business as they offer a number of flexible options for learning including webinars, classroom training, simulation, and e-learning.  I would highly recommend them to an employer seeking to balance workplace relations or HR management theory with practical outcomes.

Angela Liebke, Group HR Manager
Watpac Limited

Quite simply IRIQ is the best. The team at IRIQ Law take the time to understand your desired outcomes and then set a strategy in place to deliver it, and deliver it fast. It is when the going gets tough that you really begin to appreciate their skill, determination and values.

David Ash, Chief Operating Officer
Procast Australia Pty Ltd

IRIQ Law has an in-depth knowledge of all matters IR, very professional in their dealings and a pleasure to work with. IRIQ Law were instrumental in helping us to get our collective agreement over the line.

Meaghan Chatfield, Lead HR Advisor, Perth
Transfield Worley

I was extremely happy with the service provided by IRIQ Staff and Management.

They were flexible with my learning timeframes due to personal and work commitments and provided support and clarification. The content was challenging and technical, and assisted with enhancing my knowledge of Industrial Relations. I would recommend this training to any HR/IR professional.

Cahlia Heynen, Brisbane
EC&M, IR101 Training Graduate

IRIQ Law are a genius in the area of Industrial Relations Strategy. There are very few IR experts in Australia and IRIQ Law are among the best. They are able to quickly analyse, recommend and deliver the IR services that your business needs. I would not hesitate to recommend IRIQ Law to anyone seeking assistance and expertise in Workplace Relations matters.

Grace Collier, Melbourne
Industrial Relations Analyst and Columnist for The Australian